When we take off our  physical clothes, what is left is bare skin, and it can be cold or too exposed. Taking off our "mind clothes" is far more confronting.

Who are you when you are not your money, your success, your religious idealism? Who are you without your values, your identity and personality? Can you just be connected to your soul?

To be empty is a really important gift. To be empty we are not the mother, brother, sister, auntie, cousin, leader, partner, male or female. To be empty we are not old or young, happy or sad, healthy or not. To be empty we are not impressive or impressed. We want nothing, need nothing and therefore we have everything.

Two lovers who sit with each other in emptiness will find movement. Emptiness is not always static. But any movement that comes in emptiness is without motive. We don't want to make our partner happy, nor do we want to make them sad, there simply is no wanting.

If you have not practiced Zen for the last five years then this practice might help you and your partner to find happiness. Sit face to face with your partner in front of you. Close your eyes and feel their real essence. Take anything you like about them or dislike about them and find it xxx porn in yourself. Look with your heart, ears, nose, mouth and hands.

When there is no longer separation between you and your partner listen for their breathing and copy it. Breathe together with their rhythm, and avoid the urge to change anything.

When there is no more awareness of them as a separate being, you are ready to explore the inner reaches of love together.

At this time, don't be afraid to reach out and touch the beauty of their essence, it is in their skin and even their hair. But you are not touching to give pleasure or feel pleasure. You are simply feeling the connection, almost like touching a mirror.

Breathe the connection in with each breath and let it move you.

Eventually, when you find the connection, you may open your eyes but never look into your partner's eyes. This triggers the physical separation and can only be practiced without ego after some further experience.

Remain empty.

When we meditate on a rose, the meditation is not complete until there is no rose. We become that rose, we just be empty until we merge with it, and then we can touch the rose as if we are touching the mirror. There is no sense of rose, no smell of rose, but we use the touch of rose, and the smell of rose to cause our focus. Eventually, those things of the ego vanish, we merge.

While I say, "I am doing Zen" I am not. While I say "I am making love" I am not. While I say, "you are the object of beauty for me" you are not. There is no doing. There is no meditation. While we meditate we are not meditating.

While we work we are not working. While we are happy, we are not happy. The very awareness of happiness kills it. The very awareness of work spoils it. The doing  of love, is poison to it. These things we cannot do, we can only be.
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